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The Persistent Therapy & Wellness Difference

​At Persistent Therapy & Wellness, we take a unique perspective on wellness & conservative care: instead of restriction, we focus on resilience


We want to change the conversation around wellness and rehabilitation from a negative to a positive and help our clients live lives without drastic, invasive treatments. The risk of injury with running, walking, hiking, skiing, swimming, golfing etc. far outweighs the consequences of living a sedentary life (not only physically, but emotionally too). When individuals avoid the activities that they love, whether because of pain, injury, or fear of doing more “damage,” we’re reminded of the phrase: use it or lose it!  

Fact: the human body is a living organism that can adapt to an appropriate amount of stresses placed on it throughout the entire lifespan. Arthritis and small tears in our bodies over time are actually a normal part of aging. This means that low impact activities and resting too much can eventually do more harm than good. Research has consistently shown that in appropriate doses, resistance training and high impact activities act as a protective factor for our backs, joints, bones, and muscles; so instead of suggesting the avoidance of certain activities, we concentrate on guiding patients through a movement-centered approach to build on the body’s natural resilience.  


We’re passionate about educating and empowering our clients to take charge on their wellness & rehabilitation. We create individualized plans to help clients improve their wellness, recover from injuries, prevent injury, and reach their goals by remaining active. Whether you’re an athlete or a novice, if you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re looking to prevent injury, Persistent Therapy & Wellness offers an effective and accessible model of care with a licensed physical therapist to keep you doing the activities you love.

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