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Meet Dr. Caroline Pollan



I am so glad you are here!



I was a competitive runner before I was a physical therapist. And at many points throughout that time, I was also a patient.

I started running track and cross country during high school and by the time I joined the college team, my successful running career had already gotten off track. Instead of setting personal records, I was dealing with frequent stress fractures. I was routinely told that the best way to protect my body was to stop running altogether. But that is not the life I want to live!


With nowhere to turn to for a more holistic and balanced approach, I decided to dig into the research myself. That’s when I truly began to understand the full resilience of the human body, and I learned that with the right preparation, our bodies can adapt to all different kinds of demands.


Since then, I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten back to my passion of running. Instead of giving up, I took an alternate approach and I continue running — half marathons, full marathons, and now... my own practice where I can help guide my clients to keep doing what they love, too!


B.S. Health Science Studies - Baylor University

Doctorate of Physical Therapy - UT Southwestern

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